Accommodation Prices

Prices and Rental Conditions

Accommodation Prices – Minimum 2 Night Stay

House & Sleeping Capacity Per Week Per Weekend 2 Nights (Fri & Sat) Mid-Week per Night (Mon-Thurs)*Minimum of 2 nights stay
Tindal’s Cottage (sleeps 4) €800 €280 €120
Dairymaid’s (As a 3 bed) €980 €420 €180
Dairymaid’s (As a 5 bed) €1780 €700 €300
Groom’s (sleeps 6) €980 €420 €180
Saddler’s Loft (sleeps 6) €980 €420 €180

*Strictly 2 Night Minimum Stay

*We are closed during the Christmas period. For New Year an extra supplement is charged.

Rental Conditions & deposit

  • Reservation Deposit. To secure your reservation we require an advance payment deposit of €150 per house which will serve as both your booking deposit and your refundable damage deposit, the amount will be refunded to you on your departure
  • Deposit to be paid within 7 days. The deposit must be made within 7 days of a provisional booking in order to secure the reservation, failing this your provisional booking will be invalidated and the dates will become free for other groups to book.
  • No Bank Card facility We regret that we do not have a credit card/debit card facility therefore we can not take payment over the phone.
  • Bank Transfer. If you are making payment via bank transfer it is very important to identify the payment with your name or a reference with which we can clearly link to your booking. Please then notify us as soon as possible to inform us that you have made the transfer.
  • Balance paid on arrival. The balance due will be paid at the reception on arrival prior to the handover of keys.
  • One appointed contact. If you are staying with a group one person should be appointed to manage the booking and make payments, therefore this person must arrive before or with your group
  • Strictly No Pets As much as we are animal lovers and have our own 2 dogs, we do not accept pets at the rental property under any circumstances due to hygiene, allergies and comfort of other guests or guests arriving after your stay. If you arrive with a pet we regret that the animal will not be able to stay, so please respect this condition, nor will we accept that the animal will sleep in the car as this is unsafe for the animal. No animals will be accepted on the property grounds unless the animal is a registered guide dog.
  • Keys handover. Please note keys can not be issued prior to payment of balance and security deposit.
  • Check-in time is at 15:30, Check-out time is 11:30 a.m. An earlier check in or later check out may be prearranged on request which may or may not be possible, it will depend on when our previous guests are checking out or when our next group of guests is arriving but we will do what we can to accommodate your request.
  • Heating cost. Oil is charged at cost price. A meter reading is taken on arrival and before departure.
  • No extra guests shall occupy the rental houses other than those agreed
  • No smoking inside houses. A strict no smoking policy applies inside the holiday houses.
  • Rubbish disposal. All Rubbish/waste from your house must be sorted and placed in the communal bins provided at that back of the arched building prior to departure. The bins are separated for food waste, dry recyclables, household rubbish and bottles, green, brown, clear. Please take care to properly sort your waste.
  • Damage. All houses will be checked prior to the refund of the booking/damage deposit for damage and that the house is left clean. All bins must be emptied and rubbish disposed of in the allocated communal bins. If there are breakages please do let us know before we check the houses for damage/cleanliness prior to departure. Damaged items may be deducted from your deposit at the owner’s discretion.
  • Leaving house clean. If a house is left unclean an amount may be deducted from the deposit at the owners discretion. The houses should be left clean as you found them on arrival. All plates/crockery and pots and pans, etc, should be washed and placed back in cupboards
  • Moving items between houses. If you can avoid it we ask you not to bring items such as glasses, plates, chairs, etc, from one house to another. If this does happen please  do ensure to return them in their house of origin so that the next guests have everything they need in their house.
  • Forgotten personal belongings. We also ask guests to check the houses over to ensure that they have not left any personal belongings behind them. We regret that we do not operate a forwarding mail service for personal belongings that are left behind. We do keep personal belongings safe for collection but to avoid having to return to collect forgotten items please do take the utmost care to check your house before you leave.
  • Beautiful Well Water. There is no need to bring plastic bottles of water. We have the purest, freshest, softest well water that is free! You can access this water in all the kitchen taps (not bathroom taps). Please think of the environment and use our well water instead of buying and paying for plastic bottles which will need to be disposed of after. It’s such a privilege to have well water, let’s take advantage of it.

We thank you for adhering to our rental conditions. The above conditions are in place to ensure an efficient service and a pleasant stay for everyone.